Same Life, Different Reality

Here we are, all sharing life at the same time, but with our own reality.  Life is made up of experiences, with your reality of life created as a construct of those experiences.  Your mental outlook may be optimistic and hopeful; sad and regretful; or spiteful and angry.   Emotions will manifest themselves in your construct which creates and alters your reality.  If the two of us have similar constructs, we will be led to similar realities.

We can’t always choose life experiences, but we do have the ability to choose our emotional outlook.  Change your emotional outlook, and you can alter your reality – positively,  neutrally, or negatively.


Living Expression 

A living expression of thoughts, ideas, failures and truths of the past.

I woke up thinking about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and a random feeling of how remarkable civilization is.  Each generation wakes up, going about their day in a world of ideas, culture, government structure,  science, etc.  The remarkable feeling comes from a thought that everything we live has been shaped by history.  And in fact, some vehement truths will be fairy tales to future generations.  Likewise, a pipe dream today will manifest itself and become the norm of the future.  I’ve never studied philosophy,  but I can see the draw to it.  Studying schools of thought and how different disciplines intertwine to shape what we know as the world.  It’s fascinating when you think about it.  Quite remarkable.

Losing Onself

Have you ever felt like you’re losing yourself, like the you that you know is becoming someone (something) else?  You can almost feel the change happening.  Only there is a hint of despair because you have experienced this transformation before, and the Great Fear arises, that you will ultimately live out the sequence to no end.

I am me but I am not
I wake up invigorated
But day dream an alternative
Who am I, I must ask
In solitaire I plot
But enlightenment is not
Entangled with hope and fear
I go on tumbling
Through the cycle of wonder
Only to experience life
As the same robot

– by David F. Curry, 2016

The Psychedelic Dream

Today I was reminded (by myself) of a dream; no, a nightmare that I used to have.  The dream was recurring and consisted of nothing but moving colors.  The more I try to remember it the further it escapes, so I’m frantically typing…

Psychedelic coloring, moving from center outward with no borders, just color everywhere.  The speed of movement seems to be steady most of the time, but there is a burst every now and then.  The movement has a suggestion of “in motion”, sort of like looking at the motion of a worm but the worm’s body takes up the whole view-frame.  The predominate colors are red, orange and yellow, with a vagueness of bluish-purple.  Amidst all the colors and moving is a feeling of falling, not constant, but subtle, like anxiety at the edge of falling.

When written out it doesn’t sound so bad.

Longing for Simple

Am I the only one who’s ready to pack up and homestead.  Not sure if this is a calling to get in sync with nature or just the urge for different.   Most of the time I just want to sit around and think — live a slower life that doesn’t have tons of considerations.  I guess I could just run, practice yoga, meditate and speak words of affirmation everyday to cope with the concrete jungle (city life).

Don’t get upset here, I already do half of these.  But it begs the question, why do we need to do so much to make life simple.  Should it not just be!?

A cottage on a wooded hill, overlooking the river.  That’s where you’ll find me.

-A restless mind

Am I Distracting Myself?

As usual I can’t tell if I’m overthinking, but this sleepless nights raise the question, am I distracting myself?

I’ve always told myself I like to do a lot of different things; I like vatiety. But what if I’m simply creating diversions, diversions from thought, from doing. If true, the irony is I am doing, just not the thing at the center of thought. I find myself performing rituals of doing. Kind of like when you’re hungry and don’t know what to eat, you open the same cabinets and stare, already knowing you’ll end up making a PB&J sandwich.

One ritual of doing is to play games — board games, video games, any kind of games. But after a binge of gaming it feels wasteful and then I get irritated that I didn’t actually do anything.  Do = create = produce.  That’s it, I need to produce; a sense of accomplishment. Well, let’s see if I can produce sleep.

Until next time…

-A restless mind