The Psychedelic Dream

Today I was reminded (by myself) of a dream; no, a nightmare that I used to have.  The dream was recurring and consisted of nothing but moving colors.  The more I try to remember it the further it escapes, so I’m frantically typing…

Psychedelic coloring, moving from center outward with no borders, just color everywhere.  The speed of movement seems to be steady most of the time, but there is a burst every now and then.  The movement has a suggestion of “in motion”, sort of like looking at the motion of a worm but the worm’s body takes up the whole view-frame.  The predominate colors are red, orange and yellow, with a vagueness of bluish-purple.  Amidst all the colors and moving is a feeling of falling, not constant, but subtle, like anxiety at the edge of falling.

When written out it doesn’t sound so bad.


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